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Abbie Walsh-Greenfield got the ultimate revenge on a shop when she felt excluded for her size.

The 20-year-old went into Victoria’s Secret in Cardiff, and wrote on her blog that she walked around the store but couldn’t see anything in her size, an XL.

Then, both her and her friend found a pair of lacy, pink pyjama shorts, and Abbie managed to track down one pair in a size L.

Then, she writes that a sales assistant walked past and approached her.

Abbie wrote:

I turned around with the large lacy, pink, baggy, elasticated bed shorts in hand, and went to head for my friend to show her my ‘might-fit-me-might-be-tight-but-worth-it’ bed shorts

The sales assistant allegedly asked Abbie:

“Hi... Are you aware of the sizing in this store?”

Abbie said she was fine, and that the shop assistant: "Smiled, and it just all of a sudden looked so fake".

She wrote:

Who knows what could have happened if this passing comment from her [the sales assistant], had been said to someone with extremely low self-esteem, someone who couldn’t handle it?

Abbie said she went on to spend £100 in Ann Summers, where the staff were “lovely and kind”.

In a statement, a Victoria’s Secret spokesperson said:

Victoria’s Secret expects that all customers be treated with respect.

We are reaching out to the customer and will take the appropriate actions as we’re committed to ensuring that everyone feels welcome in our stores.

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