Video: What Darren Wilson has to say about shooting Mike Brown

In his first television interview since shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August, Darren Wilson has said he has a “clean conscience” about the incident.

Speaking to ABC News last night, the police officer explained that when he confronted Mr Brown and a friend for walking in the middle of the road, Brown attacked him as he sat in his patrol car, grappling for control of his weapon.

The 28-year-old said he feared for his life because of Mr Brown’s imposing stature. “It was like a five-year-old holding on to Hulk Hogan,” said Officer Wilson, who is 6’4”.

Saying he had simply followed his training, he maintained in the interview that he could not have done anything differently – and that the incident would have played out in identical fashion even if Mr Brown had been white.

You can see the extended interview below:

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