MAGA truck convoy held up by a single man on bike

A trucker convoy in Washington, DC, protesting Covid-19 restrictions in the United States, has been stalled - by one man on a bicycle.

The convoy of trucks has travelled across the country from Adelanto, California, to Washington, DC, to highlight their disapproval of the restrictions in place due to the pandemic.

But, their arrival in DC was held up by an unlikely source as a single person was filmed cycling at the front of the convoy at a snail's pace as the line of trucks held up behind them honked their horns.

In a clip posted on Twitter by journalist Philip Lewis, a person in a car drove up to the cyclist and yelled over the loud sound of the horns.

They shouted to the cyclist: “Hey, what are you doing? You’ve got a bunch of trucks behind you.”

The cyclist replied: “I didn’t hear you, what did you say?”

The person in the car repeated their question and the cyclist simply replied, “I can’t hear you, sorry, it’s too loud”, and continued cycling along in the centre of the lane.

The convoy was inspired by the so-called “Freedom Convoy” that began in Canada to protest pandemic restrictions and to call for the government to end all mandates.

Lewis captioned the video, “You really can’t mess with cyclists”, and in the comments, people praised the cycling for stalling the loud demonstration.

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One person wrote: “This made my day. Their plan backfired, huh? Good, they deserved exactly what they were trying to give.”

Another joked: “‘how dare you interfere with our attempt to slow down traffic and annoy residents by….. Oh.’”

Someone else said: “Some heroes wear bike shorts, helmets and hopefully earplugs! All hail the cyclist!!!”

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