Live through 100 years of male fashion trends in three minutes

The popular "100 years" series from Mode Glam is back, this time to show us how male fashion has changed in the years between 1915 until now.

Through the medium of flares, moustaches, and a lot of hats, model Matty Watts embraces fashion decade by decade, showing off the sharp pinstripes of the roaring 20s and all the crimes against fashion that were committed in the 1960s and 1970s, all the way through to the 90s boyband look and the well groomed hipster of today.

Watts starts off in his tighty whities:

And becomes a dapper 1920s gentleman:

A swinging 60s showman:

And a happening 80s yuppie.

We've never been more grateful for the skinny jeans and topknots of 2015 Shoreditch, Brooklyn and Kreuzberg.

Check out all 100 years below:

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