Watch Barack Obama totally kill it at his last White House singing session

Barack Obama has proven that even he, one of the most powerful men in the world, can't defy the urge to sing at an open mic night.

The US president, who many think is the coolest man to ever grace the White House, lead a musical evening at the White House that included a special tribute to the musician Ray Charles.

In his speech during the opening of his final In Performance at The White House, Obama says he "won't be singing". And indeed, for a time he was true to his words.

But then the president is captured at least playing along with some crowd participation. And then he leads the entire encore.

To much applause and cheering, Obama gets the final song of the night off to a great start. He's a natural. But then we know that the president has a great voice.

Obama once sang Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson. He was just as smooth then as he is now. And he's even blasted out some Taylor Swift lyrics, with a melodic charm that seems to say 'Shake it Off' with a telling sense of authority.

Indeed, it's not even the first time Obama and Charles have been uttered in the same breath.

Obama's latest moves even won him respect from those who don't agree with him politically.

Here he is in action...

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