Kunkush and his Iraqi family arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos from Mosul, fleeing violence and suffering at the hands of Isis.

They all arrived by way of a rubber boat, Kunkush in a basket. But Kunkush, three years old and handsomely fluffy, was lost in the turmoil of the voyage.

After frantically searching, his owner and her five children were forced to continue their journey to Berlin, Germany, and later, Norway, without their beloved pet.

Kunkush was found by Greek fisherman days later. His fur was matted and he was being attacked by other cats - but his rescuers named him Dias (Greek for Zeus) and fed him up.

Soon, an American volunteer called Ashley Anderson, together with her friends Amy Shrodes and Michelle Nhin, got together to reunite Kunkush with his family.

A funding page was set up and Facebook appeal launched.

Dear friends, Please continue to share this story and this poster wherever you can as well as in the media if possible....

Posted by Reunite Dias on Friday, 5 February 2016

After support from far and wide, Kunkush was identified. A post on the Reunite Dias page announced last week:

Friends of the feline population,

We bring you exciting breaking news this Valentine’s Day. On Friday, February 12, 2016 Dias’ family has been located in Norway. We’ve received confirmation in the form of photos as well as the family’s historical account. His real name is Kunkush and the cat is very responsive to the name.

We are currently coordinating the reunion details with the family, the community, the cat’s foster parents and a volunteer who will be making the trip to Norway with him to ensure he is reunited safely.

There was a moving Skype reunion before Kunkush travelled by car to his awaiting family. Hundreds of people pitched in to help pay for the 600 euro reunion.

Nhin, one of the volunteers who helped the cat find his family, wrote on the Facebook page:

In a small way, his journey represents the plight of all who are seeking a better life. We need each other. If it wasn’t for people taking notice of his vulnerable state and taking him in under their wings, he’d likely be fighting for food and struggling to thrive... He didn’t go unnoticed, and will not be forgotten about.

And here's the amazing moment Kunkush was finally returned to his owners:

Denne katta har reist helt fra Irak

Se gjensynsgleden!De flykta sammen fra Irak, gjennom Tyrkia, til Hellas i gummibåt. Men der stakk katten av.Les mer her: http://www.nrk.no/trondelag/1.12810608

Posted by NRK Trøndelag on Thursday, 18 February 2016

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