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Becoming smarter isn’t an easy task.

The library's always shut when you happen to walk past, and the most clever-sounding magazines always seem to be the most expensive. Plus, who wants to learn about the latest genome advances when they’re relaxing in the tub after a long day?

Sometimes, we just need a quick fix before a job interview, work meeting or date. Luckily, YouTube channel ASAP Science has come up with six ways to do just that.

It’s all about the perception of intelligence, they say.

1. Use your middle initials

Psychology shows that, in text, when a middle initial is used, there are positive evaluations with a person’s intellect and abilities.

Don’t have a middle name? Just make one up if you have an important reservation or guest list. Just make sure you have an answer in mind if someone asks you what the initial stands for. Forgetting your own middle name will reverse all that work you did to appear smarter, and more.

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2. Use graphs

It has been found that when something seems more scientific, it has a greater power to persuade.

Sixty-seven per cent participants believed a specific piece of info without a graph, but if a graph was added, 96 per cent believed it, even though it was the same information.

3. Speak expressively

When two people have the same things to say but one modulates their speak and keeps pauses to a minimum, they come across as more knowledgeable.

In a recent study participants were asked to present to a hypothetical employer and those who used various pitches, tones and volumes were perceived as more thoughtful and intelligent and left a better overall impression.

4. Wear glasses

There’s correlation between what a university professor wears and how the students learn. If an instructor wears more formal attire, the students are less likely to misbehave. Stereotypes play a big role in how people perceive you and there’s a pretty big stereotype that smart people wear glasses.

5. Smile

Studies have found that when people use headshots, ones that are rated as highly intelligent are more often smiling.

6. Don’t hold alcohol

Known as the imbibing idiot bias, studies have found that managers consider candidate to be less intelligent if they ordered a wine over a soda. Another found that even those just holding an alcoholic beverages were found to be less intelligent.

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