We may have buried another king under a car park

We may have buried another king under a car park

For one medieval monarch to end up buried beneath a car park may be regarded as a misfortune; for two to end up under the tarmac starts to look bizarre.

Researchers believe, however, that the remains of King Henry I may indeed lie beneath a car park in Reading. If so, he would be the second royal whose remains found a less than regal fate, following the disovery of Richard III’s bones beneath a Leicester car park in 2012.

Philippa Langley, who was behind the successful search for the remains of Richard III, is now on the hunt for the remains of his forbear, Henry I.

The 12th-century monarch may be buried under a car park or playground in Berkshire, on the site of Reading Abbey, Ms Langley has announced.

The screenwriter and amateur historian is part of a team of researchers who have won the backing of Historic England (formerly English Heritage) to investigate the remains of Reading Abbey, which was founded in 1121 as a royal mausoleum. The building was destroyed in 1539 during the dissolution of the monasteries and its ruins now lie under a primary school and its accompanying playground and car park.

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