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Being a wedding photographer is a hard and, beyond the happy couple, the efforts and the work that a photographer puts in before, during and after a wedding can often go unappreciated.

This is mostly because everyone carries around smartphones these days and a happily snapping pictures all day long and sharing them on Instagram, and there are few gatherings that warrant as many selfies as a wedding.

While this is all fine and good it shouldn't give wedding guests the license to take any photograph of the two people getting married, especially when it might ruin the shot of the photographer that they have paid thousands to hire.

This is exactly what happened to wedding photographer Hannah Stanley from Fort Worth in Texas. She recently shared a story and a pair of images on Facebook of her bride and groom exiting a church.

It would have been a perfect photo if it wasn't for the fact that a guest managed to get in the way of the shot, just to take a picture on her iPhone.

The moment clearly infuriated Stanley, who pleaded with guests in her now-viral post to stop taking photos at a wedding on their iPhones and instead enjoy the day and leave the pictures to the professionals.

Her post has been shared more than 170,000 times on Facebook and many people agreed with her.

Asia Henry wrote:

I’ve been in this situation MANY many times and it IS a problem. Sometimes I’m able to get to the guest in time to ask them to move, but most of the time there are only seconds left to get the shot and I have to re-position myself.

John McCarthy added:

Your point is well taken, Hannah. I don't do weddings, but I am a professional photographer as well and am frequently amazed how rude some people are.

Betty Crafton-Brewer said:

The thing is you go through months of planning your special day you spend a lot of money putting your dream together and when it’s all said and done, all your guest are gone, everything is taken down and put away, you start your new family life and all.

Not everyone agreed with her though and some thought it was inappropriate of her to have called out a guest in such a manner.

Lorene Yee said:

As a photographer, the first thing I noticed this shot is not worthy anyway. The bride is looking down, for you are not even capturing her eyes. So stop making excuses to the person taking the iPhone shot.

Marissa Gomez Vest wrote:

I think this shows poor character on the photographer by calling out a guest like this for the world to see. Each guest at our wedding was special to us and I would have never allowed this. Mistakes happen. I also don't agree with this post. We had an amazing photographer, but it took 10 weeks to get our photos back. Because of the shots the guests were able to capture, we had something to reminisce on while we waited. Poor skills on this photographer for not being able to capture photos around this.

Pol Sena agreed:

If this is the only shot you have then it's on you... you're the hired professional not the the lady with the iPhone. You should know way better.

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