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Thousands gathered in Trafalgar Square last night to hold a candle lit vigil for the victims of the Westminster attack.

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London Mayor, Sadiq Khan and Home Secretary Amber Rudd were joined by the Metropolitan police acting commissioner, Craig Mackney.

They all lit candles in commemoration of the attack.

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Khan said:

Those evil and twisted individuals who try to destroy our shared way of life will never succeed and we condemn them.

The victims were people from all corners of the world. London is a great city, full of amazing people from all backgrounds.

And when Londoners face adversity we always pull together.

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Amber Rudd paid tribute to to PC Keith Palmer, who died while on duty, calling him “courageous.”

They will not win, and today we showed that by coming together and getting about our normal business.

The terrorists will not defeat us, we will defeat them.

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Picture:Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images

Mackey said:

This cannot be undone, much as we would wish it.

However, we do get to choose our reaction, and gathering here tonight shows us exactly how we must move forwards.

We must stand together.

The event was marked by a minute of silence.

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