What 2,000 calories looks like at 13 UK food chains

Louis Dor
Thursday 06 October 2016 13:30
Picture:(Cate Gillon/Getty Images)

How much is 2,000 calories in your favourite place to grab a meal?

Off the top of your head, how many kcal is your regular order?

Don't know?

We're here to help.

We researched what you'd need to buy to put you over 2,000 calories - the recommended daily intake for the average woman, and 500 less than that of the average man's - and frankly it'll make you reconsider your bingeing habits.

Take a look at the charts, below:

1. McDonald's

2. Burger King

3. Wetherspoons

4. Five Guys

5. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

6. Greggs

7. KFC

8. Nando's

9. Dominos

10. Pizza Hut

11. Pizza Express

12. Papa John's

13. Subway

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