The difference between Trump and Obama in two videos of them meeting children

A video has emerged of Donald Trump interacting with a child and it’s a far cry from Barack Obama in a similar situation.

In the video, tweeted out by Katie Hopkins and shared by the President, Trump is seen interacting with a girl seeking his autograph in the most baffling manner.

Trump asks the child if she’ll vote for him in ten years before moving onto matters of the wallet: “Is she rich? Does she have a lot of money?”

This made people remember Obama’s way with kids.

In 2016, during Obama’s last Halloween celebrations as President, the White House hosted schoolchildren from all over America. One young wag came dressed as the President and Obama reacted with typical good humour, grinning from ear to ear and commenting:

Is this supposed to be me? Man, I’m not that grey yet.

If only his successor could behave in as dignified a manner. If you fancy getting nostalgic, here's a montage of Obama interacting with children during that event.

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