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Remember a few years ago when everyone was obsessed with the colour of that dress?

Was it black and blue or gold and white?

Nobody could make their minds up.

To be honest we still aren't sure, even though it's been "proved" to be black and blue.

Black and blue, right?

Now a new colour-based optical illusion has come along to confuse everyone.

This time it isn't a dress but a colourful set of drawers that are guaranteed to keep you distracted over the Christmas period.

Folks over on Reddit can't decide if these drawers are pink and white or blue and grey.

The debate has been raging on the site for several days now but nobody seems certain as to what the colour scheme actually is.

There are literally all sorts of answers flying around.

Given the number of different answers that have been submitted there is a strong chance that people are hijacking the thread just for a bit of mischief.

These type of vague colour debates are becoming something of a regular feature online these days.

Earlier this year nobody could decide what colour these trainers were.

Various reasons exist as to why we see different colours in these type of images.

They could range from lighting, editing and IFL Science even suggest that it could be down to our sleeping preferences.

Luckily, for this particular debate, the original user who posted the picture has confirmed the answer.

HT IFL Science

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