Do you think these trainers are pink and white or blue and grey?

Nicole Coulthard/Facebook

That dress has come back to haunt us in trainer form.

2015 was the year of colour confusion when a dress was posted to Tumblr that looked black and blue to some, but white and gold to others.

Two years later, you'd be forgiven for thinking the ordeal and chaos was over, and that the globe could unite once more.

But then Nicole Coulthard posted a picture of her trainers to Facebook. And they were both blue and grey, and pink and white, all at once. Oh no.

The explosions of outrage, bewilderment and possibly even pity flinging between opposing colour camps soon sent the post viral.

It's time to pick a side.

The internet donned a lab coat to get experimental...

... but results varied.

At the time of writing, only three people in this particular scientific survey thought it was pink and white whereas 49 saw blue and grey.

It mattered a weird amount to some people:

So, as long as you think the same thing about the colour of these shoes, how well your personalities, ambitions and humour match is irrelevant to finding love.

According to this Twitter user, there is now an eighth deadly sin.

If you care, at all, let us know what you think.

(The correct answer is blue and grey, obviously).

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