What the bookies think the new Royal baby will be called

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It's time to rejoice, citizens, because there is a new Royal baby is on the way.

The Royal Family confirmed on Monday morning that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now expecting their third child.

With North Korean missiles in the air constantly and the depressing news surrounding Brexit, it's nice to have a pleasant distraction to turn our attention to.

What's even more entertaining is trying to guess what William and Kate will name their new child.

Leading bookmakers Paddy Power and William Hill have already released what they feel the baby will be named.

According to the Evening Standard they are as follows.


Alice - 10/1 Paddy Power, William Hill

Victoria - 10/1 Paddy Power, 12/1 William Hill

Mary - 12/1 Paddy Power, 16/1 William Hill

Grace - 14/1 Paddy Power, 14/1 William Hill

Alexandra - 12/1 Paddy Power, 14/1 William Hill


Arthur - 10/1 Paddy Power & Coral, 12/1 William Hill

James - 16/1 Paddy Power, 10/1 William Hill

Henry - 10/1 Paddy Power, 16/1 William Hill

Philip - 16/1 Paddy Power, 12/1 William Hill, 14/1 Coral

Albert - 14/1 Paddy Power & Coral, 16/1 William Hill

Most of these names have already been suggested before, prior to the births of Princess Charlotte and Prince George, hence the sudden assumption.

However, other names like Charles, Thomas, Jack, Donald, Boris, Camilla, Edmund, Anastasia, Beatrice, Rodney, Ryan and Diana are also being suggested as options.

Donald? Really?

A spokesperson from Ladbrokes told The Telegraph:

The early money suggests punters would love to see Kate and Wills welcome another little girl into their family, who is called Alice.

It should come as no surprise to see fairly normal yet regal names top the betting.

Don't rule out the chance of twins though as the odds are currently down at 4/1 for a pair of royal babies.

The price for triples currently stands at 50/1.

HT Telegraph, Evening Standard

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