Here's what voters really thought of Ed Miliband

Leaked research commissioned by Labour itself has revealed what the party needs to do to win voters over - and it doesn't make good reading for either Ed Miliband or Jeremy Corbyn.

Findings obtained by our sister paper i show the party must tackle its perceived "deep and powerful negatives" on the economy and welfare.

Swing voters who deserted Labour told focus groups held in Watford, Croydon, Nuneaton, Edinburgh and Glasgow that while the party was "nice" it was "in denial about its 'appalling' track record on the economy".

Miliband meanwhile, who quit after the general election defeat, was seen as "weak and bumbling" by voters who had voted Labour in the past but switched to either the Tories or the SNP.

On Miliband, swing voters said:

He had the appeal of a potato.

I didn't trust that it wouldn't go into coalition with the SNP�. She [Nicola Sturgeon] was so strong, she would have wiped the floor with him, run rings round him.

Most people knew that Ed Miliband wasn't even liked by his own party. How can you trust someone when the party doesn't even trust them?

It [Labour] made such a mess up last time, and all the Government is doing is cleaning up the mess.

Sorry, Ed...

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