The White House shared a weird photo of Melania Trump for her birthday and it became an instant meme

The White House/ Twitter

Friday, April 26, 2019, marked the occasion of first lady Melania Trump's 49 birthday and the White House celebrated the day with a special tweet.

'What was said in this tweet?' you ask. 'Was it a heartwarming message or a nice picture of her, Donald and their son Barron all together?'

Well, no. Not exactly. Take a look for yourself.

What we have here is Melania, looking fairly fed up whilst surrounded by a plethora of journalists, photographers and boom mic operators, whilst her husband met with the Czech prime minister Andrej Babis.

Not only are the people surrounding Melania not actually looking at her, the photos isn't even recent. The meeting between Trump and Babis took place on March 7, well over a month ago.

Why the White House chose this picture rather than any other picture of Melania is a little beyond us and the rest of the internet agreed.

Beyond the general bafflement, Twitter soon turned this photo into a meme and to say that it was hilarious would be an understatement.

Melania also found herself alongside some pop culture icons.

Incidentally, Donald Trump didn't post a single happy birthday tweet to Melania which isn't exactly terrible (we're sure he said it to her in private) but you would have thought that he could have found some time to post one message to his wife.

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