White woman in Brooklyn calls police on another woman for sheltering from the rain

A video has been posted on Facebook of a white woman in Brooklyn calling the police on a woman for sheltering in her doorway from the rain.

The incident was captured by Darsell Obregon, in the Park Slope neighbourhood, as she was making her way to a subway station.

On her route, the heavens opened up and the nearest possible place to stay dry was the doorway of the apartment belonging to a woman who has since been identified as Arabella Juniper Torres.

According to a Facebook post by Obregon, she was only waiting in the location until an Uber arrived but, while she was waiting, Torres confronted her and demanded that she leave.

She explains that she told Torres that she wasn't going to leave, who in response decided to report her to the police.

Obergon caught the entire incident on video and shared on it Facebook.

Obregon had not told Torres that she was waiting for an Uber, but even when the car arrives, Torres try's to prevent the driver from leaving and even gives the licence plate number to the operator on the other end of the phone.

In the video Torres can be heard saying to the 911 dispatcher:

So you’re sending an officer because now she’s recording me… I asked her to leave and now she’s refusing.

She then says to the Uber driver:

If you go anywhere, you’ll be committing a crime as well; you know that, right?

The post has since gone viral on Facebook and has been shared more than 9,500 times.

Obregon also included the hashtags #bbqbecky and #pettypatty a clear reference to similar incidents in recent months where white American women have called the police on black people, for seemingly just going about their days.

HT Daily Mail

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