White woman filmed screaming 'I wanna hear you rap' at her Black manager after being fired

A video of a woman shouting racist abuse at her manager after being fired went viral over the weekend.

The video surfaced on social media, and is reportedly from Gibson Arnold and Associates, a staffing agency based in Houston, Texas.

The video shows a woman berating a Black man who is seated in the centre of a room. Throughout the video, the woman can be heard using racial slurs, reportedly after she was fired.

She even suggests that he calls the police on her, and repeats a racial slur at least 10-15 times. She then tries to use it in a “freestyle” and suggests that her manager rap with her.

She also yells at a man recording the incident, saying that it’s important he does it “for publicity”.

She continues to insult other employees in the vicinity of the chair that she’s sitting on. It’s not clear why she was fired from the video, or how long it takes her to leave, as she continues on her tirade for several minutes.

Other people can be heard in the background expressing displeasure because they’re working.

Later in the week, Gibson Arnold and Associates issued a statement, where they explained that the woman was not a long-term employee, but someone that they were working with on a temporary basis.

They said that she “went verbally ballistic” during a group meeting, and then was escorted out of the building.

They also commended the behaviour of the manager seen speaking to her, who was later identified as Kenton Oates, and said that his “impeccable character” prevented the situation from escalating further.

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