Your parents may be to blame for your bad hangovers - here’s why

They f**k you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do, and now we have one more thing we can blame them for.


According to TikTok user Wes, hangovers are determined by genetics, and if you have a genetic mutation that “slows down your body’s ability to process alcohols' toxic byproduct” you are more likely to feel worse for wear the day after a night of heavy drinking.

Wes explained the phenomenon in a video in which he also said your ability to gain or lose weight, your “moods and how emotional you are”, your memory and intelligence, “laziness”, and political views are affected by your parents.

Things you never realized you inherited from your parents 😱 (Part IV) #genetics #science #facts #learn

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While the TikTokker didn’t cite his sources for why he believes hangovers to be so affected by genes, Discovery Magazine backs up his claims. In an article they say:

“As it turns out, genetics explains almost half the variation in hangovers experienced between individuals — though the potential explanations (which genes are doing what) are countless.

“For example, many people of Chinese, Japanese and Korean descent have a mutation that prevents their bodies from effectively breaking alcohol down, leading to accumulated acetaldehyde, alcohol flushes and worse hangovers — but with lower chance of alcohol-use disorder (alcoholism).”

So next time you wake up on a Sunday morning with a pounding headache, crippling hangxiety, and an upsetting bank balance, don’t blame yourself - blame your parents.

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