Why did Downing Street Photoshop a picture of a poppy on to David Cameron?

The Downing Street Facebook page changed its profile picture on Monday afternoon to one of David Cameron wearing a poppy.

But it's painfully obvious that the poppy has been Photoshopped on to an older picture of the prime minister, as lots and lots of people pointed out (you can see the original pic here).

Writing on the Facebook post, Danny Burchell commented: "Would've been quicker to just take a new pic instead of Photoshopping a poppy."

Indeed, there are lots of pictures of Cameron really wearing a poppy out there.

As some journalists pointed out, imagine if Labour HQ had made the same oversight with a picture of Jeremy Corbyn...

So what's going on?

Update: The photo has already been changed

A Downing Street spokesperson told The Independent: "It was just an oversight."

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