This is why men have more orgasms than women

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There’s the pay gap – which we can’t deny is still a problem and needs fixing as soon as possible – but there’s another gap between men and women that’s not enough people are talking about...

It’s the orgasm gap.

Men orgasm more frequently during sex than women. Gay, straight and bisexual men. All men.

A report publishedearlier this yearin the Archives of Sexual Behaviour reported that 95 per cent of straight men said they usually or always orgasm during sex, compared to 65 per cent of straight women.

And there are several reasons for this injustice.

David Frederick, assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University, told CNN:

What makes women orgasm is the focus of pretty intense speculation. Every month, dozens of magazines and online articles highlight different ways to help women achieve orgasm more easily. It is the focus of entire books.

And these are some of the issues behind the female orgasm. Or, lack of.

Body image

Frederick says women have more body dissatisfaction than men, and this could interfere with their sex live.

This can impact sexual satisfaction and ability to orgasm if people are focusing more on these concerns than on the sexual experience.

Social stigma

There’s more stigma against female sexual desire. Fredrick says there’s usually one partner who wants more sex than the other, and it’s usually the man.

Therefore, a woman might engage in sex with her partner when she isn't necessarily in the mood, and then she may be less likely to orgasm.


It's not just societal issues that can act as a barrier to orgasm, sometimes it's in a woman's physical makeup.

If the distance between a woman’s clitoris and urinary opening is less than 2cm, she’s likely to orgasm during intercourse, according to Elisabeth Lloyd, a professor of biology and philosophy at Indiana University. If it’s above this, it’s likely she won’t – according to Llloyd’s research.


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