Here's why these new Egyptian emoji could spell serious trouble

The Egyptian president will be sending out a lot of see-no-evil monkey emoji after a cartoonist has gained popularity for creating likeness of his face.

The images of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi were shared by 24-year-old artist Safie Eddeen, who accompanied the different expressions with quotes from Sisi's speeches.

"This is not right," says the caption under an agitated depiction of Sisi's face.

Eddeen's emoji have been shared and liked thousands of times on Facebook, as President Sisi is often ridiculed for his soft and emotional speaking manner.

Although it all sounds very fire, heart-eyes, and unicorn emoji, Eddeen is actually playing a very dangerous game.

Just last month a law student was jailed for posting an image of the president with Mickey Mouse ears, and earlier this week residents in Cairo said security forces searched their homes and asked to see their Facebook accounts.

Eddeen's own Facebook page was deleted after the uploads, although it - and the emoji artwork - have since reappeared.

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