Some memes, just like the infamous distracted boyfriend, are pretty self-explanatory. But a new meme, called James Barrett's Wife, is a whole new monster.

It all started with a Facebook Messenger image posted by Daniella Gay, which shows her innocent exchange between herself and a 'James Barrett', where he is seen asking: "What are you plans this evening."

She replies with "Draw vegetables". Seems innocuous enough, right? Well, not until Daniella received a reply from Barrett's jealous wife who wrote: "Hey. Just to let u know. Im james barretts wife. F**k off”.


Speaking to the Daily Dot, she said she posted the bizarre exchange and from there, “noticing it got a lot of traction", went on to make a slew of memes from it.

As a meme does, it quickly spread to the far corners of the internet.

It made the rounds on Imgur, Tumblr, Facebook and finally Twitter, where user @fellinloveonce posted the screengrab and several of the memes.

But, we hear you cry, just who is James Barrett? Well, speaking again to the Daily Dot, the vegetable artist explained that he was a random guy who had probably found her through a mutual friend. Gay went on to say that she receives a lot of unsolicited messages, and just responds to them anyway.

Regardless, the internet had a field day and from the bizarre situation, and some wonderful memes have been created.

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