Canadian MP steps back from Parliamentary roles after he was caught urinating on camera

A Canadian lawmaker has announced that he will be taking time away from committee duties and his position as a Parliamentary Secretary after he was spotted urinating during a video call on Thursday. 

Two journalists claim that William Amos, a member of prime minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party, peed into a coffee cup while attending House of Commons proceedings online. 

“In a non-public setting, I urinated without realising I was on camera. I am deeply embarrassed by my actions and the distress they may have caused anybody who witnessed them.

“While accidental and not visible to the public, this was completely unacceptable, and I apologise unreservedly. I will be stepping aside temporarily from my role as Parliamentary Secretary and from my committee duties so that I can seek assistance,” he said in a statement shared to Twitter

It isn’t the first time that Mr Amos has had to issue a statement for behaviour that took place on a private call. Last month the politician was forced to apologise after a photo surfaced online showing him naked during another work meeting.

“Obviously I’m embarrassed by it. My camera was accidentally left on as I changed into work clothes after going for a jog. I sincerely apologise to all my colleagues in the House. It was an honest mistake and it won’t happen again,” he wrote at the time. 

The release of the photo online was described as a “terrible violation” by Mark Holland, the chief government whip, who said it was a “cruel, mean-spirited and potentially criminal act”.

The MP’s latest blunder has been met with criticism by members of the public, with some taking to Twitter to call for his resignation:

To some, it seems, Amos was quite literally taking the p***.

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