Some genius designed a wine bottle that doesn’t drip

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Dr Dan Perlman, a biophysicist at Brandeis University, has worked with engineer Dr Greg Widberg to create the ultimate wine bottle: one that doesn’t let the wine drip.

Praise be to Bacchus!

Dr Perlman discovered that when wine is poured, it tends to run down the lip, causing the wine to travel down the side of the bottle in an annoying dribble.

To prevent this from happening, the duo put a groove in the side of the bottle – this way excess wine doesn’t travel down, but rather falls straight into the glass.

He said:

I didn’t want there to be the additional cost or inconvenience of buying an accessory.

In a statement, the university continued:

A droplet of wine that would otherwise run down the side of the bottle encounters the groove, but can’t traverse it.

Instead, it immediately falls off the bottle into the glass along with the rest of the wine…for a drop of wine to make it across Perlman’s groove, it would have to travel up inside the groove against the force of gravity or have enough momentum to jump from one side of the groove to the other

Genius in simplicity.

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