What happens when you give wine 'experts' cheap wine but tell them it's really expensive

LifeHunters / YouTube

Hands up how many of you are wine 'experts'. We use that phrase sparingly because there are so few of them.

Sure your friend's boyfriend went on a half-day tasting course while he was on holiday in the Dordogne with mummy and daddy... That does not make him an expert.

Experts have to work hard, live breathe and love wine... And nine times out of ten they don't even get sozzled on the stuff - bad for the palate apparently.

So when we saw that the pranksters at LifeHunters had returned with a new video hoisting wine 'experts' by their own petard, we had to sit down and watch it.

The boys decided to buy a couple of cheap bottles of wine - around €3 each - and take them to The Wine Weekend festival in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

They then asked people to try the wine and tell them how much it costs. Simple!

Quite a few of the responses to the gents' bargin bin bottles were pretty revealing.



How do you think you'd do on the wine taste test challenge? Could you tell the difference?

In the description for the video, LifeHunters wrote:

Some of the people in this video are legit experts, some of them just went to a wine event: The bottom line is that most of them didn't recognise that our wine was cheap budget crap.

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