Mother speaks out after daughter does the unthinkable while on drugs

A 20-year-old woman was found gouging her eyes out near a church earlier this month while under the influence of meth, her mother said.

Kaylee Muthart, from South Carolina, took methamphetamine before the tragic incident, which ultimately left her blind.

The young woman was eventually flown to Greenville Memorial Hospital. Her mother, Katy Tompkins, explained the moment she got the call from Greenville in a video interview with Fox Carolina News. She said:

I finally answered and it was Greenville saying they airlifted Kaylee to the hospital.

I just screamed. The first thing I said was, ‘Is she alive?’ and they said ‘Yes.’

And then a doctor called me and told me what had happened.

I want everybody to know she did not seek this out on her own.

She was trying to get her life together, she was always outgoing, happy, loved people, interacted well, did good in school, your regular normal teenage girl.

I don’t know who gave it to her the first time, but it’s all it took.

She then sent a warning to others:

If you think your kids are doing drugs, or around them.

Do everything you can to get them away from it. I don’t want any parent or child to have to go through this. And neither does Kaylee.

It’s beyond words, I can’t even explain.

Picture: Kaylee Muthart

Ms Tompkins toldPeople her daughter started using methamphetamine about six months before the episode and that the incident took place just days before Kaylee said she would go to rehab.

Effects of the drug include feeling exhilarated and awake, according to drugs advice service Talk To Frank. Users also risk feeling agitated, paranoid, confused and aggressive.

Ms Tompkins went on to explain to People that more than two weeks after the incident, her daughter is still in hospital but is recovering well. She said:

She’s been doing wonderfully. Each day at a time, she just gets a little better and better.

She’s getting all different kinds of treatment, but she’s going to have to relearn everything. It’s like she’s almost starting life over again.

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