Woman horrified to find 'bag of blood' in hotel room

Woman horrified to find 'bag of blood' in hotel room

A woman was left feeling mortified after finding what she believed to be a 'bag of blood' in her hotel room.

The Florida woman went viral online after sharing her alleged discovery at a hotel late last month. She claimed the room hadn't been cleaned, with claims of a bag of rubbish and an unmade bed on arrival.

Her fury amplified when she opened up the wardrobe and reportedly found a clear bag filled with a red substance. She went on to contact hotel staff, who believed it to be a foetus.

"We’re contracted with Planned Parenthood," the housekeeper said, according to the guest. "This looks like an aborted foetus. We’re just going to take it."

The clip showed the member of staff carrying the bag down the hallway. Police were also contacted to investigate.

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The guest went on to demand a full refund, saying: That wasn’t just something you just put on somebody like that and expect them to just go on about their day. This was the worst day ever. So I was like, I want my money back."

Luckily, the mysterious substance turned out to be a lot less sinister – but still rather gruesome.

In a statement to the Florida Standard, the hotel explained how the red substance was wine and vomit.

"In response to the serious allegation, our staff immediately contacted law enforcement and a thorough investigation was conducted. A forensic analysis concluded that the allegation was false," a spokesperson told the outlet.

"We take all guest concerns very seriously, and we strive to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for all our guests."

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