We're all aware of the wonderful world of online dating mostly thanks to apps like Tinder, Grindr and Bumble.

Hooking up with people you fancy has never been so easy, and it has produced some amazing stories as a result.

Most recently, a couple were treated to a holiday by Tinder after they managed to keep a decidedly sparse conversation going for 36 months.

That's one of the nicer examples of what can happen on Tinder, but the following story is an example of when it can go sometimes go wrong.

When 20-year-old Brianna Boyce was swiping through her potential matches, she encountered a familiar face.

It was her ex-boyfriend Adrian, who much like her, had cropped the former squeeze out of their profile photo.

Obviously finding it hilarious Brianna shared the image on Twitter admitting that they are both still friends.

It quickly went viral, amassing 14,000 retweets at the time of writing.

While, most people found it very amusing, others thought that they should compliment the pair on their good looks, which was kind of them.

However, there is a twist in the tale

When Adrian saw the Tweet, he posted a critical reply explaining that Brianna always lied and that they were not friends.

Adrian's tweet has become even more popular than Brianna's, accumulating over 225,000 retweets, which probably reflects more on the internet's need for gossip than anything else.

Rather than reply with praise, many Twitter users couldn't believe the nerve that Adrian had to post something like this and began critiquing him.

When speaking to Cosmopolitan, Brianna disputed Adrian's claims.

I'm not perfect, but neither was he. We both had insecurities and faults in the relationship and that is ultimately what caused the break up. I would never publicly blast him on anything he did wrong in our relationship and I still won't.

However, there could be a resolution to the whole incident as she revealed that Adrian has since personally apologised to her.

He said he shouldn't have said it and he felt bad..

I appreciated the apology but doesn't change the fact that I felt completely disrespected.

Whether he considers me a friend or not, I'll probably still be a friend to him even after this, because there's no point in holding grudges.

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