Woman has furious reaction to her husband's hilarious Halloween stunt

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Wednesday 30 October 2019 15:30
Picture:(Sabrina Zimmerman/Facebook)

A husband attracted the ire of his wife after he decided to dress as serial killer Michael Myers and nonchalantly ride her bike down their neighbourhood road.

Sabrina Zimmerman posted a video on Facebook. In the clip, she is driving through her neighbourhood in Indiana when she spots her husband riding her bike, with a child trailer dragging behind him, inside which is a baby skeleton.

That’s one hell of a sentence.

But instead of humour, she reacted with fury. “What the hell are you doing?” she demanded, as her husband sheepishly pulled up next to her car.

She goes on:

Oh my god are we these people now? Ride around with a skeleton baby and my bike? Seriously, get home or I’m gonna have you committed.

As he peddles away, she turns to her son, who is trying to breathe through his laughter next to her, and says:

Oh my god. I leave to pick you up from a football game, and your dad does this crap. What the f-?

The video went viral online, and ‘Michael Myers of Decatur’ AKA Sabrina’s husband Evan, even got his own Facebook page.

Sabrina told radio station 98.9 Bear that while the neighbours don’t complain about Evan walking around dressed as a serial killer, they do stare. A lot:

A lot of them stop their car and sit and stare.

One time he woke his wife up with worries that the police might be called on him.

A lady had pulled out her phone and just sat there staring at him. She slammed on the breaks, reversed her vehicle and took off.

Sabrina added:

I feel like people think I’m this horrible wife. I’m not. He’s just uncontrollable this time of year and we have three boys ranging from one and 14.

Evan revealed that he’s been dressing as Michael Myers for a number of years.

This year, people are really taking a liking to it, he said. The worst time to do it is night time as no one is out or paying attention much,

The best time is six thirty. I have narrowed it down.

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