Remember, remember the *checks notes* 31st of October.

It’s the date Brexiteers have been sleep-talking in their dreams for months – the date Britain was supposed to, finally, after three years, leave the European Union.

But there’s just one problem.

October 31 was, in reality, extremely unlikely to happen. Bound by the Benn Act and unable to get his deal through the House of Commons, the prime minister has requested a three month extension from the EU. Now the new date for leaving is 31 January.

During the Tory leadership election, many prominent Brexiteers proclaimed that not leaving by 31 October would see the “end” of the Conservative Party.

Now those words are coming back to haunt them.

On Twitter, people are sharing videos of Brexiteers emphasising the importance of leaving on 31 October. Some even promised voters that this would be the case.

And what would it be without a tweet from Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Unlike Brexit, the mockery was delivered swiftly.

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