Woman called out for leaving lipstick kisses on oblivious men in club

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Imagine coming home after a fun night out at a club and discovering a mysterious red lipstick stain on your shirt.

If that sounds like a tough one to explain to your significant other, you might want to beware of the self-proclaimed kissing bandit—aka a woman who has been going around kissing random men's shirts.

The woman documented her successful night of doing so in a now-viral TikTok that has earned over 52.3 million views.

TikTok user Sam (@littlewank) captioned her video, "lipstick bandit was on the LOOSE at pj’s"

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lipstick bandit was on the LOOSE at pj’s

In the video, you can see the woman sneaking behind multiple men, looking around to make sure no one notices, and then planting one on the men's attire.

None of the guys featured in the video appeared to notice, which implies that they didn't realize they now had a lipstick smudge on their attire until later in the night, or when they got back home.

Sam, on the other hand, walks away after doing her business flashing a toothy grin at the camera looking rather satisfied with having completed her mission.

Not all of the people in the comments, however, found Sam's actions as funny as she did. Many people pointed out that this could cause a problem if the men are in relationships and how she has now stained their shirts.

"Definitely broke up some relationships tonight," wrote one person.

Someone else said, "What if it was an expensive shirt?? Getting that out isn’t easy."

"That’s not even funny! Not only for people's relationships but If that was a male doing that… this would be a whole lot different!" wrote another.

"This is not a funny thing to do. people can trust issues because of this," another person wrote.

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