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We've all been short of change when we are most in need of it.

Breaking a note in order to pay for the bus fare or a parking ticket is a pretty common occurrence.

Yet, it rarely results in someone winning £250,000.

That's exactly what happened to 27-year-old Marilyn Scott from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.

She only needed to break a ten pound note in order to pay for a two pound ticket.

Scott purchased a National Lottery Purple scratch card from RS McColl in the Burns Precinct of Kilmarnock and completely forgot about it.

That was until the next day when she saw it in her handbag and decided to see what she had won.

To her amazement she hit the jackpot.

Speaking to the Metro, Scott said

Once I'd scratched it I couldn't believe my eyes.

I had to ask a couple of my colleagues to check if it was real.

When I saw it in my handbag I actually thought to myself 'I could have been sitting here all day yesterday a winner'.

The call centre worker now has big plans for the money, which includes travelling and treating her mum to a special trip for her 60th in October.

When my sisters and I were young, mum always used to say to us ‘if I win the lottery I’ll take you to Disneyland’.

With the win I’m going to be able to treat her instead. It’s her 60th in October so I’m planning a family trip for then.

‘I’ve always wanted to travel the world so I might try and squeeze in a trip to Europe as well.

She also wants to buy a house.

It also means I can buy a house. I never thought I would ever have enough money for a deposit to buy my own home.

See folks, it pays to pay for those parking tickets.

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