Woman shares photo of her 'small' engagement ring and gets destroyed

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Getting engaged is a big deal.

All the planning that goes in to such an event is a monumental task that will, quite literally, change two people's lives forever.

You have to consider the location, the setting, how to actually pop the question, and the ring.

Now, the sheer overwhelming pleasure and surprise of getting engaged should be enough for some people to overlook small aesthetic things, like the size of the rock on their finger for example.

Even if it cost £100, it's the thought and the sentiment that counts. This person wants to spend the rest of their life with you.

Well, for one woman in Australia, the disappointment surrounding the small diamond she received from her other half was just too hard to take.

The woman, who Glamourreport is a 21-year-old make-up artist, posted a picture of the ring on Twitter accompanied with five crying emojis.

Just to hammer the point home, she then followed up the controversial tweet with this GIF.

OK, so she's clearly not happy, and the majority of Twitter was not happy with her apparent ungratefulness.

Plenty of other women were happy to share images of their own rings to prove that size really doesn't matter as long as love prevails.

The woman did have some supporters.

However, there is a twist in the tale.

Despite the tweet now going viral the woman has spoken to Yahoo Style and confirmed that not only is she not engaged but the ring isn't even hers...

I saw [the ring] on Facebook and thought I’d tweet about it, knowing it would trigger people.

Look, if that’s all someone can genuinely afford, then it’s not right to reject it, because you love the person.

But if he can afford better, then it’s not bad to expect more.

All the power to the person who eventually wishes to propose to her...

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