This story explains why women always fear predatory men in everyday scenarios

If the last year has proved anything, it's that women live in a constant fear of predatory men, even in the most unlikely of circumstances.

A perfect example of this is given in this now viral Twitter thread from ex-lawyer @SaraSuze.

Her story doesn't result in any physical abuse, but does highlight how harassment can happen in nearly any scenario.

The thread starts with her trying to sell a clothes dryer on the internet. As always with the internet, it's always best to take precautions as you never can fully trust who you might meet.

When the dryer is sold, she gives the man who bought it very specific instructions as to when he can collect it, but things start to go awry when he fails to adhere to them.

Unfortunately, this incident was far from over as the man returned to the house later that day.

A fearful Sara informed the police about what was happening and they agreed to help.

She then gives a heartfelt conclusion to how she felt afterwards and the emotions she experienced.

As always, when something goes viral on Twitter, you get a range of responses. Most of these are positive and helpful, but there are the odd few who want to voice their own opinions and explain why you're incorrect.

Unfortunately, this was the case here but, rather that ignore what was being said, Sara chose to address it.

Here are a few of the more constructive responses, with both men and women sharing their own experiences.

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