Women share the shockingly misinformed things men think about their bodies

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What's the worst ever date you've been on? For one Twitter user, it was with a 28-year-old man who, for some reason, thought that periods last for an entire month.

Taking to Twitter, user @wahweepop explained what happened:

Just went on a date with a guy that thought periods lasted a month.

He's 28. 

Right - so there's wayyyy too much to unpack here.

But here goes.

Firstly, how did they get onto this topic on their first date? But second - we mean, wow, how can a fully grown adult male actually think this?

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on your take on things), other Twitter users started chiming in with examples of other men who think equally ridiculous things about the female body.

Someone pass the anatomy books.

Men thinking women can control their periods was a running theme.

While others seem to think that women can 'hold in' their periods.

Wow, this is actually shocking.

Someone needs to put down their Bible and pick up their anatomy books.

They also seem to be worryingly ignorant about their own bodies, too!?

It gets worse...

This one is quite simply confusing.

Wow, seriously!?

This sounds painful.

Yep, parents need to do better for these poor uneducated men-folk.

Perhaps women have been telling him this to get out of having to have sex with him...

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