Map of the world according to abortion laws

Ella Wilks-Harper/CARTO

This map shows every country according to their abortion laws and it is quite terrifying.

Around 60 countries globally in 2017 still remain to have anti-abortion laws in place - where abortion is only warranted to save the mother’s life or prohibited altogether.

However, data from the Centre for Reproductive Rights shows that countries worldwide are have been liberalising their abortion laws in recent years. There are now 63 countries worldwide that have legalised abortion, without the mother requiring a reason.

Though the new findings show that much of the Global South, including most countries in Africa and southern Asia remain to have restrictive adoption laws. Japan for instance requires spousal authorization before a woman can have an abortion.

The Centre for Reproductive Rights states that:

Where restrictive abortion laws place women's lives and health at risk by forcing them to undergo unsafe procedures, governments must take legislative action to remove laws that prohibit and criminalise abortion.

The following map shows worldwide abortion laws in four main categories: Abortion without restriction to reason, socioeconomic requirements, abortion to preserve health and abortion prohibited altogether.

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