The 11 worst airports according to flight attendants

The 11 worst airports according to flight attendants
Holiday travel rush wraps Tuesday at Atlanta airport

Airports can be hell on earth for a traveller, especially with delays.

What you may not have considered, tutting into your crossword, is the logistical nightmare an airport can pose for a flight crew or air traffic controllers.

Travellers recently asked flight attendants and pilots on reddit which airports were the scene of their worst experiences.

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Here they are (with some input from the travellers too) in no particular order:

1. LaGuardia, United States

Crossing runways (one to take-off, one to land), constant ground delays to take-off and to get to the gate. Cramped terminal and just looks outdated.

- What-Am

So bad that pilots don't want to return to it and prefer to land in the Hudson.

- dmethvin

Picture: Bruce Bennett/GettyBruce Bennett/Getty

2. Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

Omg SO MUCH HATE. The last time I was there, the only 'eatery' available was a Paul's and a juice stand, neither was open. The entire airport looked like a huge plain of nothing..... only 15 mins of free wifi, ugh kill me now.

- alykatxx

Has to be the LOUDEST airport in the universe, everything glass and concrete, packed at all times, guaranteed to give you a massive headache.

- plaguelord_cdn

Picture: Pascal le Segretain/GettyPascal le Segretain/Getty

3. Split Airport, Croatia

The worst I've been is Split Airport in Croatia. I'm sure there are many examples but Split is just a small old airport that is 300 per cent over its max capacity due to recent tourist booms.

- OmeDries

Picture: Claudio Villa/GettyClaudio Villa/Getty

4. Philadelphia Airport, US

Philadelphia Airport is godawful. Whose f--king idea was it to put 40 gates in order in ONE F--KING GLORIFIED HALLWAY??

- Kissett

Picture: William Thomas Cain/GettyWilliam Thomas Cain/Getty

5. Cancún International Airport, Mexico

Just an absolute s--t show in every way. The way they just herd three plane loads of people through one security checkpoint is so disorganised.

- yougotthesilver

Picture: AFP/GettyAFP/Getty

6. Montreal Airport, Canada

[Arrivals]…it’s like a three mile walk from your gate to customs.

- UberGerbil

Picture: DoucetPh/istockDoucetPh/istock

7. Mykonos Island National Airport, Greece

Imagine a box. Now imagine a box that has been gutted with zero security and cats running in and out. This airport is literally a circus. I walked through the buzzers and beeped. The security guard just told me to hurry and didn't bother checking anything. Constant flight delays since it is between two mountains and something to do with the wind. There is a hell on earth and it is Mykonos airport.

- unklebuckets

8. Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, Italy

Absolute s--t hole of an airport. Full of people, air conditioning broken down and taxi rink is the loudest most Italian thing you could imagine.

- unklebuckets

Picture: Tiziana Fabi/GettyTiziana Fabi/Getty

9. McCarran International Airport, United States

The airport in Las Vegas is a casino that happens to have planes

- haguebysf

That airport is the worst and considering how much they spend on the city I totally don't understand why it's like that.

- Constablegarden

10. Don Muang Airport, Bangkok

One time late last year, it took me over three hours of standing in line just to check-in my baggage and the whole airport was jam packed with people when I got there at 4am.

- amgin3

Picture: Pornchai Kittiwongsakul/GettyPornchai Kittiwongsakul/Getty

11. Belfast International Airport, Northern Ireland

Belfast International is horrible. Security still believe it's the 70s and 80s in the north. Have to walk through rain, wind and snow to plane. Real embarrassing airport.

- reversechinlock

Picture: AFPAFP

Conversely, most reddit users cited Singapore's Changi Airport as the best, for free movie theatres, internet, foot massages and gardens.

The only thing missing, apparently, are cherub angels and heavenly singing.

Picture: catchlights/istockcatchlights/istock

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