Gifty: Second X Factor contestant accuses show of racism, singling out ITV producers and former judge Nicole Scherzinger

Gifty: Second X Factor contestant accuses show of racism, singling out ITV producers and former judge Nicole Scherzinger

Former X Factor star Gifty Louise is the latest contestant to call out the judges on the show, claiming Nicole Scherzinger was “worse” than Tulisa, who was accused by Misha B of racial bias.

Gifty, who was on the show during the 2016 season, made her comments after fellow contestant Misha recalled the time she was accused of “bullying” on the competition in 2011.

Misha recently revealed her experience in a viral post of a resurfaced clip where judges Tulisa and Louis Walsh criticised her for being “too confident” and implied she was bullying others, which Misha denies.

It turns out Misha may not be the only former contestant that has something to say about the judges, as Gifty took to social media to share her own experience.

“Lol you guys thought Tulisa was bad,” the singer wrote on her Twitter. Before adding: “Nicole Scherzinger was the worst.”

Just a few hours later, she popped over to Instagram Stories and wrote: 

If I start to talk about the racism on Xfactor yeah.

Mateeeeee. It’s like I’m reliving past experiences of what I went through on that show.

‘Aggressive’, ‘Diva’, ‘Over confident’. Some of the many names they use to cover up their racism. I remember when I was so excited when I made it on the show … big fat LOL.

She added:

White people attacking you and telling you to be grateful for even being picked to be on the show as a black person. 

Interviewers and presenters always asking you why you’re always ‘so angry’ when you go on their shows.

And you see that @Nicolescherzinger babe yeag … let me not start meynnn.

She also alleges that ITV producers encouraged her to perpetuate stereotypes about black people by talking about her “love for chicken”.

Gifty said she “let the producers have it” when they allegedly tried to push the “angry black woman” stereotype on to her.

She concluded:

Every black woman and girl knows how it feels to not be able to express yourself fully due to fear of being branded ‘aggressive’ or ‘over-confident'

Social media users were left divided over Gifty’s claims, with many waiting for Scherzinger to comment before forming an opinion. Others refused to side with her due Gifty’s historic association with the controversial evangelical church SPAC Nation, which has been accused of financially exploiting young people.

Many also noted a plot twist … Nicole actually appeared to like the tweet before unliking it hours later.

Tulisa has since taken to Instagram with a response to Misha’s allegations in which she claimed that she has “not a racist bone in her body”.

Nicole Scherzinger and ITV have been contacted for comment.

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