You've been folding sheets the wrong way your entire life

(Picture: YouTube
(Picture: YouTube

Unless it is by this method, in which case we retract our egregious statement.

OK, so everyone should be able to fold a regular sheet, but fitted sheets are a different breed of nuisance, aren’t they?

If you find that the elastic in the corners always seems to get in the way of a straight fold, then this woman has the solution for you.

Our sage teacher instructs us as such:

Hopefully you can learn something from me and from then on, you can do your own.

OK, I have my hands in the corners of them, of the seams. Put the two together. Then I'm going to find the other two seams and put those together.

She then moves the fabric to a flat surface, where she can fold it into a neat, rectangular outline, like a regular sheet.

Bury it down here. Then we're just gonna bring it all over. You can iron it out if you like, like that or similar to that. Just do the best that you can.

The maestro is then left with a neatly-folded, cupboard-ready square of sheet.


Watch the short clip, below:

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