Your chances of dying from a plane crash, a shark attack or lightning strike

(Picture: CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images
(Picture: CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images

Last week, Mashable posted a piece which claimed that the risk of death was greater taking a selfie than from being attacked by sharks.

The piece went viral, due to the pretty amazing revelation that more people had died selfie-related deaths than shark-related.

As Forbes points out, the amount of deaths isn’t entirely accurate as a barometer for risk as for certain activities it increases with greater exposure, which is entirely variable.

However, it’s an interesting line of inquiry regardless, so we asked Statista to find out our odds of dying from various causes, using a report from the National Safety Council.

These odds are statistical averages over the entire US population and obviously do not apply to everyone.

Odds of dying are affected by an individual’s activities, occupation, and various other factors.

Your chances of dying from being bitten or struck by a dog is 1 in 116,448, but that doesn't mean you should run from all canines.

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