Enjoy your Christmas dinner, whether it's a turkey, beef, a tagine, soup or bread.

But if you're indulging in the meat-fest that is typical of most traditional British Christmasses, we have some bad news for you: you're significantly contributing to climate change.

A Chatham House report in December 2014 found that one kilogram of beef from cattle reared on a British hill farm can generate 643kg of carbon dioxide equivalent.

In addition, one kg of lamb from a sheep raised on the same farm, can generate 749kg.

As The Guardian's George Monbiot points out, these amounts are more than is generated by a single passenger flying from London to New York on a commercial flight.

In May of this year, an FAO report detailed the livestock which cause the most damage to the environment.

Cattle, at the present, are the most harmful animals on the planet, by total emissions:

All in all, bad news for fans of red meat.

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