YouTube make-up and beauty stars apologise for 'racist comments'

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A number of high profile fashion and beauty vloggers on YouTube have been called out for a series of past racist tweets.

The first of these occurred on Sunday when Laura Lee, a YouTuber with over 4 million followers, issued an apology after a tweet from 2012 saw her tell black people to pull their pants up so they "can run from the police faster..."

Other examples see her use the n-word and make fun of Chinese people.

Lee responded by posting a video where she pleaded with her fans to forgive her.

Following that, another vlogger, Gabriel Zamora shared a photo of himself with Lee and two other YouTube stars, Manny MUA and Nikita Dragun.

He wrote in the caption for the picture "bitch is better because without him we're doing better," which was aimed a Jeffree Starr a makeup artist who had also been called out for racist comments.

Zamora's lengthy rant against Star saw him attract the attention of Star's fans who then began digging through his tweets as well as the others in the photos.

A tweet from Dragun in 2012, included below sees her say "When you are so tan you look black."

Mua was also accused of speaking in a derogatory fashion about a young girl who he believed had autism.

People also managed to find racist comments that Zamora had posted on Twitter in 2012.

Zamora also issued a video apology on YouTube.

In the nearly 49 minute video he states that he will no longer be working with MUA who he branded 'toxic'.

There is a certain individual that I need to cut out of my life, because it’s always just been toxic.

A lot of the negativity around [me] and around [my] friends has been due to this one person.

There’s the same factor in all these negative situations around [my] life… and that’s Manny.

Nylonreports that all of the aforementioned tweets have since been deleted by the respective users.

The Daily Dot reports that although Lee, Zamora, MUA and Dragun have posted apologies they have lost a significant amount of followers and revenue.

Lee has also lost her contract with the cosmetics and skincare chain Ulta.

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