It's Ed Balls Day and people are pretending he's Santa

Santa and Ed Balls: rarely seen in the same room together

Yes, it really is four whole years since Ed Balls (Ed Balls. Ed Balls. Ed Balls) sent that infamous tweet of his own name (Ed Balls) at 4.20pm.

The shadow chancellor's words (Ed Balls) have transmogrified into something far more meaningful than a mere tweet. They have become a 'thing'. Quite a big thing on Twitter, in fact.

April 28th will forever be Ed Balls Day, and this year, so big has it become that people even seem to have confused it with Christmas.

The festivities started early

(Just for the record, here is a picture of Ed Balls as Santa)

But some fear it has become too commercialised

Some companies have been trying to get in on the action

Some newspapers are live blogging it

Others (how dare they) are questioning whether it's time to stop

But we're pretty sure it'll live on forever


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