Judge with OnlyFans alter-ego sacked for ‘unprofessional behaviour’

Judge with OnlyFans alter-ego sacked for ‘unprofessional behaviour’
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A New York judge has been sacked from his job and faces being disbarred following revelations about his NSFW side hustle.

Gregory A. Locke, 33, has become an OnlyFans star, where his bio reads: “White collar professional by day… very unprofessional by night. [A]lways amateur, always raw, always slutty.”

He reportedly charges around £10 a month for access to his explicit content on the platform, and also posts on JustFor.Fans, where he charges similar rates, according to the New York Post.

We won’t go into any detail about the kinds of acts he performs but, suffice it to say, this is X-rated stuff.

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And yet, unlike many content creators who turn to these sites as means of making a living, Locke was already earning a handsome wage with his day job.

He was being paid $58 (around £47) an hour by taxpayers to adjudicate parking tickets, the Post reports.

However, he allegedly lost his job after he tweeted an insult to a councilwoman for criticising Drag Queen Story Hour in local schools and libraries.

Vickie Paladino had shared a story about New York Attorney General Letitia James and a Drag Queen reading to kids, captioning her post: “An absolutely shameful display.”

Locke then commented in response: “Choke on a d**k Vickie.”

The qualified judge in his professional LinkedIn profile (right) vs a racy shot from his personal Instagram gregoryalocke/LinkedIngregoryalocke/Instagram

As a result, Paladino told the Post that she filed a complaint against him, and this opened the “floodgates” leading to his dismissal from his role as an administrative law judge for the City of New York.

“Because of a disgusting tweet this judge posted about me, we placed a complaint, the floodgates opened and he was fired,” she said.

Not content with that, Paladino added: “This guy should lose his law license, we’re in the process.

“This city must have absolute faith in its courts at every level, and employing individuals like Mr. Locke in positions of legal authority only corrodes the people’s trust in the professionalism and impartiality of our institutions.”

According to the news site, he was sacked last Tuesday for “unprofessional behaviour” by his city bosses who were unaware of his adult entertainer alter-ego.

And yet, Locke has done little to conceal his penchant for porn.

On his everyday Twitter account (he has a second which is reserved for hardcore content), Locke’s bio includes the comment: “Sex work is valid”.

Locke has two Twitter accounts which host very different kinds of contentTwitter

It’s also worth noting that the 33-year-old doesn’t just spend his spare time posting racy content or trolling politicians, he also founded his own law firm.

Locke LLP states on its LinkedIn blurb: “We focus on representing individuals who have been injured or wronged, who find themselves in need of competent representation to help them stand up for their rights.”

He offered more information on the business to one Twitter critic who asked: “Are you proud of the fact that you run a fake law firm with no employees, no leadership, no hr and no clients?”

“I have a solo practice which 1) allows me to reclaim my life and free time from the shackles of a big, demanding law firm 2) lets me use some of my newfound free time to give free legal services to people who need it the most,” he wrote back.

“Why would I not be proud?”

And, judging by footage he shared to Instagram stories on Sunday, showing him having the time of his life at Adele’s Las Vegas residency, he’s doing just fine.

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