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‘I quit my job and left my hometown to start a secret OnlyFans – my family had no idea'

‘I quit my job and left my hometown to start a secret OnlyFans – my family had no idea'
Jam Press/@vanessajameslit

A single mum has revealed how she moved across the state to start a secret OnlyFans career, saying her family “had no idea” – and is now raking in over $40,000 a month.

Vanessa James used to work as a waitress in her uncle’s restaurant seven days a week but one day, having grown tired of wiping tables, the 32-year-old decided to ditch her old life for something much more lucrative.

The single mom-of-two told her family members that she was moving in with a new partner – but in reality left her hometown, Harlingen, Texas, and travelled 400 miles away to Houston to launch an OnlyFans account.

“I dabbled with OnlyFans a bit when I was still working at the restaurant but I didn’t want to live in my hometown while doing it,” the mum, who has a combined 2.2 million followers across all her platforms (@VanessaJamesLit) told

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Jam Press/@vanessajameslit

"Harlingen is a small place compared to Houston, and of course people gossip.

“I knew a lot of people around town and was tired of running into them at the gym or grocery store and them asking me why I was no longer at the restaurant.

“I wasn’t worried about being caught [on OnlyFans], but I didn't want to explain myself to anyone.

“Houston is such a big city, no one cares, you almost go unnoticed, though I do run into fans who recognise me now, which is cool.”

Vanessa had already “dabbled” with the adult site before moving but once far away from her family, put all her efforts into it.

Within months, she was making more money than she could ever dream of.

She said: “So one day, after seeing how much money other women were making, I decided to quit my day job and move away, taking my two young sons, my sister and her two kids with me also.

“I had faith in my work ethic so I took the leap of faith.

“I told my family I was going away to live with someone I’d been talking to for a while and who promised to help me with finances.

“[At first], I didn’t want to tell them the truth.

“I was worried about being judged and even more worried because I'd never even had a nude saved in my phone before OnlyFans.

“I rarely took nudes or sent provocative photos to anyone.”

Jam Press/@vanessajameslit

Vanessa went into OnlyFans full-time in May 2020 and by August that same year, the model had her highest earning month at $60,000.

Using her hard-earned cash, she has since undergone $50,000 worth' of plastic surgery including a tummy tuck, boob job, labiaplasty, brachioplasty, multiple rounds of liposuction and 3 BBLs.

She is also investing her money, saving money for her children’s future.

Vanessa added: “My friends were very supportive and always have been, they don’t knock anyone's hustle.

“I have no regrets in switching professions.

“Sometimes people wish they could live the ‘American Dream'; to some that means having freedom and not having to answer to a boss and making significant amount of fast cash, and that’s what I’m doing!!

“I absolutely love it!

“I have made myself a stay-at-home mom while still working and I am able to spend so much more time with my children.

“It’s been such a blessing.”

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