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Pink-dyed pigeon 'used in a gender reveal' rescued by non-profit organisation

Pink-dyed pigeon 'used in a gender reveal' rescued by non-profit organisation
Mom-to-be teams up with son for an exciting gender reveal (with a …

A deliberately pink-dyed pigeon has been rescued by a non-profit organisation amid speculation it was used in a gender reveal party then left to die.

Gender reveals have soared over the last few years with dramatic stunts to announce whether parents are expecting a baby girl or boy. What initially started off as cutting a blue or pink coloured cake, or themed balloons have since spiralled into outlandish and sometimes idiotic parades.

In this case, a pink pigeon was saved by a kind passerby in Madison Square Park. While there is no evidence that it was used for the occasion, animal organisation Wild Bird Fund admits that the thought did cross their minds. After all, it's not every day you come across a pink pigeon.

In a post on their social media, the Wild Bird Fund shared the fortunate news that the pigeon is now in their care and being taken care of.

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Wild Bird Fund/Facebook

"This is a domestic king pigeon who was deliberately dyed this color and released," they wrote.

"This poor bird has it bad enough as a domestic bird unable to find food in the wild, fly well or escape predators, but being a bright, unusual color makes him even more of a target.

"He's also barely more than a fledgling but shows signs of longterm malnutrition."

They added: "Please never release domestic birds to the wild.

"Not for weddings, funerals, celebrations, art projects, anything. (We'd hope that 'don't dye them' goes without saying, but...)

"They will starve or be preyed on. If you see an all-white pigeon in the wild, or any tame bird standing around looking lost, it needs your help.

"Please catch the bird and bring it to a pigeon rescue or animal sanctuary near you."

Naturally, the comments were filled with people expressing their disgust, with one saying it made them feel "sick to their stomach".

Another added: "Sick people who did this. Thank you for being a safety net for this bird."

The Wild Bird Fund later followed up saying they tried "several methods to remove the dye" which they believe to be for human hair.

They also expressed their concerns of the strength and odour of the dye having an impact on the bird's respiratory health.

"A reminder: never dye a bird! And please never release domestic birds or other domestic animals to the wild. They have no survival instincts and will starve or be preyed on. Dove releases in all forms are cruel. Please celebrate your life events peacefully without harming others," they concluded.

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