This 58-second clip sums up why so many are angry about Boris Johnson's lockdown 'birthday party'

This 58-second clip sums up why so many are angry about Boris Johnson's lockdown 'birthday party'
Woman who celebrated mum's 90th on Zoom reacts to Boris's birthday party ...

Another day, another alleged rule-breaking party from our government.

ITV last night reported that the prime minister had a birthday party in 2020, despite indoor mixing being banned under the restrictions at the time.

It’s said that up to 30 people turned up to the PM's surprise birthday bash - including interior designer Lulu Lytle - on the afternoon of 19th June.

Reportedly organised by Johnson's wife Carrie, the group gathered in the Cabinet Room and enjoyed picnic food from M&S. The get-together is said to have lasted 20 to 30 minutes, but Downing Street said the prime minister attended for less than 10 minutes.

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There is a separate allegation that on the same evening of 19th June, family friends were hosted upstairs in the prime minister’s apartment. Downing Street has denied this.

As the string of party allegations only grows longer, the exhaustion of the public is underpinned by anger.

Nothing better sums this up than a 58-second clip from ITV showing a family celebrating a birthday on Zoom.

At the beginning of the clip, Environment Secretary George Eustice MP claimed a “small group of staff” brought in a birthday cake.

But not everyone was afforded the luxury of blowing out their candles while surrounded by family and friends.

ITV then shared a clip showing a woman called Jacqui Steel and her family wishing her mother, Emily, a happy 90th birthday in October 2020.

As Emily suffers from dementia, her 2020 birthday would have been the last she was aware of.

Speaking to the broadcaster, Jacqui said: “He's got memories of his birthday, my memories are on there”, as she gestured to her phone.

"I just cry every time I watch them. That's my memories of my mum... They're not happy memories. He's robbed me of that. And he's still prime minister."

But the parties are just one thing facing Johnson this week.

Sue Gray’s report is thought to be due, and it’s unclear how many MPs have sent letters of no confidence to Sir Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 Committee.

The government is also facing Islamophobia allegations and a cost of living crisis.

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