BeReal app launches

BeReal is the latest social media app to distract people everywhere, and today it was just excellent.

For those of you who don't know, the app sends one notification to users a day, telling them to "be real" by taking a photo of what they are up to as well as a selfie.

It's an antidote to the highly curated Instagram feeds we are used to seeing online. Only by participating in the daily ritual can users see what their friends are up to and react to pics.

So now you know the score, let us turn to today when a nation watching Liz Truss be elected as the new leader of the Tory party and therefore Britain's next prime minister was interrupted by that daily buzz from BeReal.

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Yes, as Truss was garbling through her acceptance speech, politicos briefly stopped listening to her pledge to "deliver deliver deliver" like a glitching postie, and captured this moment in British history.

Kate Plummer

A spokesperson for Truss said she was "gutted" she missed her chance to post a snap of her own, because she was delivering the speech.

And for legal reasons, that last sentence is a JOKE.

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